10000+ Pre-Engineered Prompts

Transform your ChatGPT into a profit-generating machine with Prompt Engine Pro!

Revolutionary AI Agency App Amplifies ChatGPT’s power 100-Fold, unlocks multiple revenue streams and
empowers video creation
with AI Generated
Content & Built-in Teleprompter

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Empowering Marketers, Course Creators, Freelancers, Agencies, Content Creators, Affiliate Marketers, Bloggers, Authors, and Aspiring Professionals Alike

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$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment


The only ChatGPT Extension you will ever need


Get 100X better
results from ChatGPT


20+ Profitable
Prompt Categories


10000+ Income
Generating Prompts


Runs inside the
ChatGPT Interface


Easily Organizable workspaces to saves ChatGPT Interactions


Quickly Create Notes From The Chat


Refinement Options
to get desired output


Prompts In 5 Popular Languages


In-built Teleprompter to record videos using AI Generated Content


Opens up multiple income opportunities


Included Agency and Commercial Rights

And so much more…

$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment

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Ben Murray

Woah.. Karthik has done it once again. When ChatGPT came out people thought, "Can it get any easier?" Karthik and his team have made it much easier to work on ChatGPT and get 100X better results. What I love about the app is that it works within the interface of ChatGPT and gives you choices of Prompts in income generating categories. Even if you are a Newbie, you can easily get started on your journey with ChatGPT catapulted using Prompt Engine Pro. Not to forget the easy way to shoot videos too with the inbuilt Teleprompter. Ben Murray


Abhi Dwivedi

If you are looking for income generating opportunities, I bet ChatGPT can be a savior. But how do you get started? How to get the best results from ChatGPT? That’s what Karthik has solved for you with Prompt Engine Pro. From Affiliate Marketing to becoming an online coach he has covered it all and you have ready to go customizable prompts that will load for you inside the ChatGPT interface. The coolest part is you can even record videos using a Teleprompter from inside the app!

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Tim Verdouw

Wow, if you're a ChatGPT lover like me, you absolutely need to have Promp Engine Pro in your toolbox. What an incredible tool! Be amazed by how this will boost your creativity! Highly recommended!

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Hey.. This is Karthik Ramani
and I am on a Mission to help you create a
steady income flow by channelizing the power of AI


Unless you are living under a rock, you would know by now that ChatGPT is the newest rage on the internet.

It reached 1 Million users in just 5 Days of its launch and currently has over 100 Million users. Social Media Giant Facebook took almost 10 Months to hit the 1 Million Mark and Entertainment platform NetFlix took 3.5 Years to reach 1 Million Mark.

It is clear that ChatGPT has won more hearts faster.

  • The tech is SIMPLY Awesome
  • It’s available for Free
  • It’s pretty versatile
  • Accessible to almost anyone
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New Technologies keep coming and not everyone using the new tech emerges to be successful, right?

My Mission is to help you use ChatGPT to its fullest
potential and open up income opportunities for you..

Stay with me if you want to profit from this New Tech..

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Break Free from the 9-5 Grind and Ignite Your Path to Massive Success in 2023 & Beyond..

Cash in on the $250 Bn
Worth Creator Economy!

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As much as I want to say 2023 has been great, sadly it has not been great for many people..

We have woken up to layoffs happening in big companies to small organizations and it's happening every single day..

1000s of people are dreading a layoff email from their

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Do you know what is growing consistently
in spite of the recession scenario that we are facing today?

The Creator Economy is GROWING and is expected to double in market size by 2027 and it is currently at a whopping $250 Bn Dollars..

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What is a Creator Economy ?


We are living in the Social Media Age where people  leverage their skill , grow an audience and use it to grow  their business or help other brands and Businesses.

This economy constitutes a whole lot of individuals with  different skillset creating different formats of content and taking advantage of the potential to make a decent income online!

Creators are generally people who are bloggers, vloggers, Podcasters, Course Creators, influencers and so much more..


The best part is that it can be ANY NICHE and there is an audience for everything..

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Creators are generating income through..

+Add Element







Selling own Products/ Services




Selling Digital








Selling Exclusive

+Add Element



Making Public


One-to-One Mentorship / Guidance

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And so much more..


Doctor Turned YouTuber Abdaal made $4.6 Mn
in 2022 being a Content Creator


Tori Dunlap a money & Career Expert made
$4 Mn in 2022 being a Creator


But it's not true that you need to have a big
following to earn on these platforms..

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Jay Clouse made $338 K in 2022 with just 3000 subscribers
and he is educating fellow content creators through
his videos, podcast and Newsletter

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Kat Norton, popularly known on Miss Excel created a $2 Mn Dollar income generating Business just by Teaching people to use Microsoft Excel on TikTok and slowly selling her Course to her Audience.

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They all started small and grew into what they are today.

I’ll also share a few more stats about the Creators, Creator Economy and freelancing that will blow your mind..

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Every 4th Person is a Content Creator


In 2023 brands are expected to spend $6 Billion on Influencer Marketing


45% of Creators have multiple income streams


A survey by NeoReach suggest Content Creators can comfortably earn $50,000 / year


Freelance Marketers are making 6 Figures per year


Content Writers are making an Avg of $42K per year


60% of Freelancers make more money than their previous job

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You have a Massive Advantage by your side which these creators didn’t have..


They didn’t have easy access to Artificial Intelligence like how you have now..

They are using it NOW but they didn’t have it back when they started becoming creators..

94.5% of Creators are using AI for at least one TASK..

From Brainstorming ideas to writing a Video Script or even creating a course outline, AI does it all..

ChatGPT is a powerful weapon if you want to grab your share from the Creator Economy and I am going to make it all the More Easier for you…


Transform your ChatGPT into a Profit Making
Machine Choose your option wisely..


You can use ChatGPT like everyone else and get regular results..

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Option #1

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Option #2

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Use Customizable Prompts like this one along with refinement options..

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And get results like this which are more relevant to your product or service..

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Do you want to settle for the ordinary or
do you want to go for the one that
will actually get you results?

The Choice is Yours..

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Write Prompts on your own


Get unsatisfactory results


Do Trial & Error


Waste your time


Get Frustrated

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You could just,

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Install an Extension


Pick a Category & prompt of your choice


Fill up the blanks


Get fabulous results


Make profits

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The ONLY App you need to create a Steady Income Stream
for yourself by harnessing the power of AI

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The ONLY App you need to create a Steady Income Stream
for yourself by harnessing the power of AI

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$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment


Shine in ANY Niche with the POWER of AI and
Done-For-You Prompts in just a Few Clicks!


When Chat GPT blew up on the Internet, we knew that this is not a Fad and this AI is here to stay..

We used it everyday and quickly realized the gaps in the AI and started working on how one can overcome it and get the best out of it..

That led to the creation of Prompt Engine Pro which is an Agency App that will help you profit using ChatGPT and get 100x better results..


Is this Just another Prompt tool where
you get a bunch of prompts..???


No.. We do have Done-For-You Prompts but the App is more than just prompts..

Prompt Engine Pro is designed and created to make you pure profits!

We are going to show you multiple ways to profit using ChatGPT and Prompt Engine Pro with the click of a few buttons..

Let us Understand how Prompt Engine Pro
will give anyone an Unfair Advantage..

With Prompt Engine Pro by your side.

  • Never waste time writing prompts from scratch
  • Just choose a category, sub-category and get ready to go prompts
  • Fill up the blanks to get your results specific to your product / Niche
  • Even refine your answers with refinement options
  • Save your answers in workspace
  • Quickly even shoot a video using in-built Teleprompter

All it takes is 4 Easy Steps
to start getting results with Prompt Engine Pro


Optionally you can also create Video Content
using in-built Teleprompter

In Seconds you can create..




Landing Page


Product Reviews


Ad Copies


Video Script


Reel Ideas








Course Outline


support response



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+Add Element

And so much more..

$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment

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Check out the Demo of Prompt Engine Pro
and see how easy it is to get any job

done in just a few clicks


Chris Jenkins

AI is the buzzword now and with the release of ChatGPT, AI has reached the masses. But AI needs human input and that’s where things start to mess up. If you have no idea what to put in, then you will only get vague results from AI. Karthik & his team have solved this for anyone who is a creator, marketer, Business owner or even a freelancer. You just need to choose your prompts in a few clicks and get amazing results from ChatGPT. I love that the app is built with amazing Agency features, a backend and ability to even shoot videos using a teleprompter. It’s an end-to-end AI package and I’d give this one 5 stars!


Saurabh Bhatnagar

When Karthik told me that he is working on AI and ChatGPT stuff, I was hesitant initially because I knew that there were a lot of apps coming around this area. I was wondering what could be different. But when Karthik showed me what he had built, it completely blew my mind. I have mentored 1000s of people to get started on their online journey and I think this app will make a profound impact on my mentees. It’s going to help them automate a lot of work and get things done with Pre Done Prompts and the power of AI. Even if you do not have a particular skill set, it will no longer be a deal breaker. AI and Karthik’s DFY Prompts will get you pro quality results. It is going to fast track your success. Perfect even for Newbies who are struggling to get started.

How does one Actually Profit using
Prompt Engine Pro coupled with ChatGPT?

There are multiple ways for one to profit using ChatGPT and we researched them all keeping in mind 100% Newbies!

We created Categories, Sub Categories, prompts and all possible Refinement Options to get you the best results based on our research..

At the outset, ChatGPT gives you content and we found ways for you to use this content and profit..

We have created 1000s of tried and tested DFY Prompts in multiple categories including Affiliate Marketing, Copywriting, Online Coaching, Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, ECommerce, Social Media, SEO, Customer Support, Online Funnels and so much more!


Want to become an Affiliate Marketer and sell other people’s products?

Use the appropriate category and write product reviews, email sequences, blogs, Facebook Post, Ad copies and so much more with Done-For-You Prompts created to get you the best results as an Affiliate Marketer.

Affiliate Product Review

Affiliate Product Email

Want to KickStart your Own YouTube Channel?

Choose your Niche and generate Content, Video Scripts and even record videos using in-built Teleprompter that you can use both on your desktop and phone.

YouTube Video Script

Ideas For Thumbnails

Want to become a Digital Coach?

From creating your course outline to creating each & every lesson with proper content, you can do it all. You can even record Video courses and download them and use them anywhere.

Course Outline

Video Script Lesson

Want to become a Marketer?

From creating content for your landing page to formulating a lead generation strategy and even creating Ad copies can be done effortlessly. All forms of copywriting, video scripting can be done with ease in seconds.

Landing Page For Opt-ins

Sales Email

Want to pursue Freelancing?

Pick any work from Upwork and instantly fulfill using Done-For-You Prompts. You can fulfill jobs like Video Scripting, Content Writing, Email Copy, Funnel Building, Ad copywriting and so much more and generate content in a few clicks with Done-For-You Prompts.

Ad Copy

Lead Generation Page

Want to create content for Social Media?

From building your audience on Instagram, Twitter or entertaining people on TikTok, you can do anything with Prompt Engine Pro by your side. From creating a bunch of Topics to even creating full-blown Video Scripts and even letting you record them, you can do it All with ChatGPT powered up using Prompt Engine Pro

Tik Tok Video Ideas

Tik Tok Video Scripts

Want to become a Blogger?

Create blogs, articles and content in any Niche in minutes with ready to go prompts and enjoy the benefits of blogging.


List Of Keywords For Articles

Want to become an Author ?

From helping you write ebooks to even any fiction book, you can do it all using PromptEngine pro and sell those books for profits.

Write A Book

Reader's Favourite

There are so many more avenues to profit using ChatGPT
and we have covered every aspect of it using a lot of very
useful prompts in various categories.

$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment


Take a look at the number of Jobs you can fulfill using
Prompt Engine Pro combined with ChatGPT


Take a look at what people are charging on
various freelancing platforms for the services
you can offer using Prompt Engine Pro..


Let’s Take a Look at what people are charging on Fiverr

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Video Scripting

+Add Element
+Add Element

Email Marketing

+Add Element
+Add Element

Blog Writing

+Add Element
+Add Element

Landing Pages

+Add Element
+Add Element

Course Content Creation

+Add Element
+Add Element

Book Writing

+Add Element
+Add Element

Sales copywriting

+Add Element
+Add Element

Ad Copy writing

+Add Element
+Add Element

YouTube / Instagram Content Creation

+Add Element
+Add Element

Video Spokesperson

+Add Element
+Add Element

Research Assistance

+Add Element
+Add Element

Chat GPT Prompt Engineer

+Add Element

How different is Prompt Engine Pro
from other Prompt Packs and Extensions that
 are currently available in the market?

+Add Element
+Add Element

Other Extensions &
Prompt Packs

Limited Prompts

Mostly suitable for a single Niche or covers a very few categories

Have to use it alongside ChatGPT and not within

Copy, Paste & customize Prompts Manually

Mostly you get a zip file or excel sheet of Prompts that you need to manually search and find the prompt that will work best

Chat History cannot be stored as there is no backend

No possibilty to quickly create notes from the chat response

Not possible to organize work clientwise

Limited or no Refinement options in most tools.

Prompts in only one Language

Not possible to create Client Accounts and No Agency rights..

Not possible to record videos

Helps you with your work but does not do your actual work.

Require Monthly or Yearly Fees

+Add Element
+Add Element

10,000+ Pre-Engineered Prompts

Covers multiple categories

Works as an overlay on ChatGPT

Don’t have to copy & Paste Prompts. Comes in
customizable Fill up the blanks format

Easy to locate Prompts with the search option and organized under categories, sub-categories and even trending topics

Entire ChatGPT Conversational History can be stored in the backend and can be retrieved anytime

Easily create Notes from the Chat Responses

Organize work for multiple clients under different workspaces

Multiple Refinement options to get better results from ChatGPT

Prompts in 5 popular Language

Create client Accounts with included Agency Rights

Let’s you record videos with AI Generated content using in-built Teleprompter

Focuses on making you more profits and covers all income generating categories and helps you with your actual work.

No Monthly Fees. One-time Payment ONLY

$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment


Reshu Singhal

I am amazed at the versatility of Prompt Engine Pro. I love that Karthik and his team have covered a wide range of categories that will help anyone to use ChatGPT more efficiently and get laser Targeted Results. The ability to record videos using the AI generated content Notches it up. Even if you are starting from zero today, this is the perfect app for you to get started in the online world and probably grab your share from the massive Creator Economy that is consistently growing.


Vivek Gour

If you are looking for income generating opportunities, I bet ChatGPT can be a savior. But how do you get started? How to get the best results from ChatGPT? That’s what Karthik has solved for you with Prompt Engine Pro. From Affiliate Marketing to becoming an online coach he has covered it all and you have ready to go customizable prompts that will load for you inside the ChatGPT interface. The coolest part is you can even record videos using a Teleprompter from inside the app!

Prompt Engine Pro Completes ChatGPT

+Add Element

There is no doubt that the ChatGPT AI Engine
is super powerful..

But Prompt Engine Pro is the missing Piece that you 
need to use ChatGPT efficiently..

  • The ONLY Chat GPT Extension one needs
  • Save all ChatGPT responses and see whenever you want
  • Easily create Notes with Chat Response
  • Organize all your work in workspaces and keep all your client’s work separately
  • Done-For-You Prompts in various categories
  • Prompts in 5 popular Languages
  • Multiple refinement options to make Chat GPT’s response better
  • 100s of ways to start making profits with ChatGPT
  • Record videos with in-built teleprompter perfect for content creation
  • Increases productivity
  • Removes Trial & Error and multiple iterations with Prompts to get the right results
  • Helps get a competitive edge
  • Built to make you profits
  • Included Commercial & Agency Rights

Here is a Glimpse of the Different
Categories inside Prompt Engine Pro


Email Marketing


Copy Writing


Online Funnel


Affiliate Marketing




Facebook Marketing


YouTube Marketing


Customer Support


SMS Marketing


Articles and Blogs


Business Plan








Social Media




Podcast Marketing


Online Business







+Add Element
+Add Element
+Add Element

You Will Get 10,000+ fully Customizable
Pre-Engineered Prompts Just Like This

+Add Element

Who can use Prompt Engine Pro?

+Add Element







Social Media Managers








Advertising Professionals




Business Owners


Business Executives








Email Marketers

+Add Element








+Add Element

And so on..

With the built in categories and Prompts it is going to be an absolute no-brainer for
 anyone to use ChatGPT and start profiting. The app was built keeping in mind Newbies
 and even if you don't fall under any of the above Niches, you can still get started on your
 online journey with Prompt Engine Pro!

$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment


Here is an inside look of all the
cool features inside this must-have App


10000+ Done-For You Prompts

Hand-crafted, tried & tested proven to work customizable prompts.


Prompts in 20+ Income Generating Categories

From Email Marketing to Affiliate Marketing and From Ecommerce to SEO, we have it all covered. Pick any income generating category and get your Done-For-You Prompts done in minutes.


Subcategories to get laser targeted content

100s of Subcategories helping you get laser-targeted prompts for your work.


Fill in the Blanks Format for Prompts

Choose a prompt that best suits your needs and fill in the blanks with your product or service info to create prompts that will get you extraordinary results.


Choose Prompts In 5 Popular Languages

Do not want to choose your prompts in English? We have got you covered. We have Prompts in Spanish, French, German and Italian. You can choose your language and then the entire Prompt Engine Pro part of the page loads in the language of your choice. You can easily choose the prompts from here


Refinement Options

Ability to refine the results to specific length, say 100, 200, 300 or more words and type like letter, email, story and so on..


Workspace to Store your Conversations

Organize all your work for different clients in workspaces


Save History

Save all your searches in the backend in specific workspaces from inside ChatGPT


Easily Create Notes From The Chat Response

Simply select the text you want from the response and add it to a workspace using the Add To Workbook option. Keep adding as many text as you want. Click on the Workbook and give a title, edit text, move around and save it in your workspace.


Easy Access to Trending Categories & Popular Niches

Quickly access Prompts in Trending Categories and frequently used Niches without having to search for it in the main directory of Prompts.


Record Videos using in-built TelePrompter

How cool would it be to record videos using an in-built Teleprompter? You can use the AI Generated content and record videos on your desktop / laptop or even mobile device and download and use it anywhere you want.


Text Editor to customize your content given by AI

Before recording the video, you can customize the text provided by AI using the text editor and even enable Right to Left Text direction.


Prompts Localization

Get your ChatGPT Response in the language of your choice.


Commercial Rights

Use the app to service your clients


Agency Rights

Create client Accounts and allow them to access the Extension and specific workspaces.


Chrome Extension

The prompts appear as an overlay inside of ChatGPT with a simple chrome Extension that can be installed in seconds. Connect it with your back end by copy & pasting your unique API Key.


If that’s not enough, we have more..


Complete Knowledge Base


Video Tutorials


Easy to Use Dashboard


Intuitive UI


100% Newbie Friendly


Fabulous support

$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment

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Check out how easy it is to record videos
using our in-built Teleprompt

Sample video recorded using the Phone Teleprompter Option

Embrace the Power of AI:

Carve Your Path to Success Without Worries of
losing your Job or getting Replaced by AI

AI has become inevitable in our life..

With or without AI people are losing jobs. But the smartest are those who can acknowledge and embrace AI early on and get ahead!

If you are keen on embracing AI and getting started on your journey in the creator economy or maybe even just help other Businesses, this is the perfect time..

We want to help you get started and that’s why we have included the Commercial & Agency Rights without any additional fees..


Limited Time Commercial Rights - ONLY Available for Today

This will enable you to use the prompts and offer a variety of services to other Businesses using the power of AI combined with Prompt Engine Pro.


Limited Time Agency Rights - ONLY Available for Today

We have also included Agency rights to help you sell Client Accounts, allow your clients to access specific workspaces assigned to them and even allow them to install the Extension themselves and enjoy the benefits of Prompt Engine Pro.

Prompt Engine Pro is Precisely what you need right now..

  • Saves time
  • Saves efforts
  • Perfect for Brainstorming Ideas
  • Removes writer’s Block
  • Gets you faster results in your online journey
  • Gives you an opportunity to start fresh
  • No skill or experience needed
  • Opens up multiple income opportunities
  • Helps you grab a share from the Creator Economy
  • Enables you run a Agency Business
  • Helps you offer any kind of Digital Marketing Service
  • Gets you 100X better results using ChatGPT

Here are 6 Reasons to not miss this opportunity…


Whether becoming an YouTuber, an Affiliate Marketer, Kickstarting your Ecom Business or becoming a Freelancer, you can do it all with this App with no prior Experience


It provides you with an opportunity to set up multiple income streams for yourself


You can provide not 1, not 2 but 100s of services using the app


The categories are carefully chosen to help you make profits and no matter which category or Niche you choose, you can be successful


This is the most advanced ChatGPT Extension that also comes with a Backend and useful features like Teleprompter & Agency Access that lets you record videos and even organize all of your work


ChatGPT is just picking up and it will go CRAZY wild and if you get Prompt Engine Pro now it will catapult your path to success

$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment

+Add Element
+Add Element

Unveiling of Prompt Engine Pro in the Indian Market 
 LIVE Reveal in front of 350+ Coaches in Various Niches

Outshine your Competitors &
Pave your Unique Path to Success!

  • Quickly give you ideas to post content for your Social Media
  • Write a Book for you
  • Quickly do some research for you
  • Put together some strategies
  • Write all of your pages, Ads, funnels etc
  • Create Product Reviews for you
  • Give you Thumbnail ideas for your YouTube Video
  • Quickly give you response to share on the customer support desk
  • Write a cold email sequence
  • Educate you on certain topics
  • Create a Video Script for you
  • Help you optimize the SEO on your Website
  • Help you with your Ecom product description
  • Create Business plans
  • And do so much more..

Prompt Engine Pro Changes the
Game for you..

  • No more spending hours to do all the work by yourself
  • No more trying to learn multiple things
  • No more spending 10s of 100s of dollars outsourcing your work to Agencies
  • No more waiting forever to get your job done by freelancers

Artificial Intelligence can be your..

  • Smart Co-worker
  • Hard working Employee
  • Full-time personal Assistant
  • Zero Fee Agency
  • Freelancer who doesn’t charge a penny

There is ONE CATCH though..

You need to ask the right questions to get the desired results…

Guess what?

Prompt Engine Pro Solves that too with a Swag..

Now is the time to Embrace AI and get ahead of the competition..

What are you waiting for?


$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment


You either Embrace AI to make your job better or
get replaced by it sooner or later..

The Choice is yours!

I’ve been in your place..

There is always a sense of doubt when it comes to New Tech and it’s reasonable to have such thoughts. The rate at which AI has grown is unprecedented but if you do not adapt to this now, you will be left behind.

Do you want to get your work done faster and more efficiently than ever before or do you want to stick with your struggles and wonder how your competitors are getting ahead of you..

I am sure you do not want to be left behind, right?

Everything was new at some point..

  • Microsoft was New in the 70s
  • Internet was New in the 80s
  • YouTube was new in the early 2000s
  • Facebook was New in the Early 2000s
  • Instagram was New in 2010

Right now we are in the Age of AI and this will make things much better for all of us when used rightly..

You just need to take the chance and see it for yourself and I bet you will never regret your decision.

You have nothing to lose..

You are backed by an..

  • Awesome Product
  • Credible Product Creator
  • The Latest Technology in the Market
  • Incredible Support Team
  • Money Back Guarantee

What are you waiting for?

Take the leap and make Prompt Engine Pro Yours..

$97 Per Month

Zero Monthly Fees & just $32 one-time Payment

+Add Element
+Add Element

Limited Fast Action Bonuses

+Add Element


+Add Element

The Creator Economy - $97

Prompt Engine Pro Gives you a ton of opportunities to create content in various categories and you should definitely take advantage of it and grab your share from the creator economy. In this special guide you will learn how to Build an Audience and Monetize your Skills, Passion and Hobbies from Content Creation

+Add Element


+Add Element

How to make money on Fiverr? - $147

Prompt Engine Pro opens up multiple doors to becoming a freelancer and paves a path for you to offer a variety of services. This special guide will cover different methods to actually start getting freelancing jobs and get paid on Fiverr.

+Add Element


+Add Element

Master YouTube Influence - $197

From Video Ideas to Scripting to Thumbnail Creation you have it all sorted using Prompt Engine Pro. But you need to know how to actually start and run a successful YouTube Channel and monetize it multiple ways. This special guide will help you become a YouTube Influencer and grow your Business.

+Add Element


+Add Element

Internet Marketing Secrets - $397

Our promise with Prompt Engine Pro is that even if you are a complete Newbie you will be able to carve out your Path to a steady income flow. We are going to show you multiple ways to do that inside of this little Internet Marketing Secrets guide. From Choosing a Niche to learning the Nuances of Internet Marketing, we have got it all covered.

+Add Element


+Add Element

Content Marketing Formula - $197

The Creator Economy is worth $250 Bn right now and every 4th person is a creator. But for your work to stand out in the crowd, you need a proper strategy and steps to achieve it.

This will introduce you to the various formats of content marketing and how you should strategize your content and build your own personal brand.

+Add Element


+Add Element

Modern Niche Marketing - $247

Choosing a proper Niche is the most crucial part of your online journey. We are going to give away all the secrets to choosing the right and the most profitable Niches.

+Add Element


+Add Element

High Ticket Sales Secrets - $497

Selling online is a special skill and to be able to sell high-ticket items is a super power. To sell high ticket products or services you need the right kind of clients and this special guide will show

you how to make high-ticket sales by targeting the right audience.


Total Value of Bonuses




  • check_circle500 DFY Prompts
  • check_circle3 Income Generating Prompt Categories
  • check_circleSubcategories to get laser targeted results
  • check_circleEasy to customize fill in the blanks format for Prompts
  • check_circlePrompts in 1 Language
  • check_circleSave Prompts in the backend and organize in workspaces (10 Workspace)
  • check_circleSave interactions and retrieve anytime you want (1000 History / Workspace)
  • check_circleQuickly create notes from Chat Response
  • check_circleRefinement options to Refine your results (Length & Type)
  • check_circleEasy Access to Trending & Frequently used Categories
  • check_circleRecord Videos Using in-built Teleprompter
  • check_circleText Editor to customize the content provided by AI
  • check_circlePrompts Language Localization
  • check_circleChrome Extension
  • check_circlePersonal Use ONLY
  • Agency Rights
  • Fast Actions Bonuses
  • Bonus 1 : The Creator Economy
  • Bonus 2 : How to make Money on Fiverr?
  • Bonus 3 : Master YouTube Influence
  • Bonus 4 : Internet Marketing Secrets
  • Bonus 5 : Content Marketing Formula
  • Bonus 6 : Modern Niche Marketing
  • Bonus 7 : High Ticket Sales Secrets
Prompt Engine Personal


  • check_circle10000+ DFY Prompts
  • check_circle20+ Income Generating Prompt Categories
  • check_circle100+ Sub categories to get laser Targeted Results
  • check_circleEasy to customize fill in the blanks format for Prompts
  • check_circlePrompts in 5 Language
  • check_circleSave Prompts in the backend and organize in workspaces (100 Workspace)
  • check_circleSave interactions and retrieve anytime you want (10000 History / Workspace)
  • check_circleQuickly create notes from Chat Response
  • check_circleRefinement options to Refine your results (Length & Type)
  • check_circleEasy Access to Trending & Frequently used Categories
  • check_circleRecord Videos Using in-built Teleprompter
  • check_circleText Editor to customize the content provided by AI
  • check_circlePrompts Language Localization
  • check_circleChrome Extension
  • check_circleCommercial Rights
  • check_circleAgency Rights
  • check_circleFast Actions Bonuses
  • check_circleBonus 1 : The Creator Economy
  • check_circleBonus 2 : How to make Money on Fiverr?
  • check_circleBonus 3 : Master YouTube Influence
  • check_circleBonus 4 : Internet Marketing Secrets
  • check_circleBonus 5 : Content Marketing Formula
  • check_circleBonus 6 : Modern Niche Marketing
  • check_circleBonus 7 : High Ticket Sales Secrets
Prompt Engine Commercial

Profit using this App in Multiple Ways..


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You can profit using this app in 100s of ways.. The choice is yours to make!

30- Days Fail Proof Money Back Guarantee

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If you do not see the value or derive the benefit, we would be more than happy to offer you a full refund. Our aim is to help you get better results with our App.

I am sure you will see it yourself once you login and start using the app!

But you have nothing to worry about even if you are not satisfied for some reason as we’ll offer you a full refund if you contact us within 30 days of your purchase.

Go ahead and secure your founding member’s copy of Prompt Engine Pro!


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+Add Element

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need the paid version of ChatGPT for this to work?

No. The basic free version is sufficient for this to work and get you great results.

2. Do I have to copy & Paste the Prompts?

The app comes as an Overlay on ChatGPT when you have the chrome extension installed. You do not have to copy & Paste Prompts. You can simply point-click and choose.

3. How is this different from any other prompt Extension or Prompt packs?

This comes as an overlay inside of ChatGPT and gives you multiple categories, sub-categories and easily customizable prompts to choose from along with Refinement options. Plus the app also comes with a backend to store all the conversations and even a teleprompter to record videos using AI generated content. Plus this is the only App that comes with Agency Features that will blow your mind.

4. What Can I use this App for?

This App can be used to ease your regular work or it could be the starting point of your online journey. Whether you want to kick start a New Business or start creating content for Social Media or offer service to other Businesses as a freelancer you can do it all using this app.

5. I am not interested in becoming a content creator. How else can I profit using this app?

No problem. You do not have to shoot videos or create content. This app can be used for a variety of other Purposes. Using this you can set up your own Agency or Freelancing Business and offer a whole host of services or embark on your Affiliate Marketing journey. There is so much more. I am only scratching the surface here.

6. What does the backend of the app include?

The Extension runs inside of ChatGPT and comes along with a backend where you can store all the interactions with ChatGPT in separate workspaces. You can also record videos using an in-built Teleprompter.

7. Do we get Agency & Commercial rights?

The Extension runs inside of ChatGPT and comes along with a backend where you can store all the interactions with ChatGPT in separate workspaces. You can also record videos using an in-built Teleprompter.

8. Can I know about the Upgrades?

Yes. Definitely. We have 6 upgrades, everything related to the main product you are about to pick.

Upgrade 1 - Advanced - It unlocks Advanced features, refinement options, more options inside the Teleprompter and even unlocks unlimited workspaces and prompts.

Upgrade 2 - Prompt Marketplace - This is where you can get creative, add prompts and sell it to other users and keep 100% of the profits.

Upgrade 3 - Business Upgrade - This will unlock unlimited clients and give you all the superpowers to run a Prompt Agency

Upgrade 4 - Prompt Club - This unlock 1000 more prompts in fresh categories and even gives you access to fresh prompts every month for the next 1 year.

Upgrade 5 - Mid Journey - Huge collection of Prompts to generate Images for websites, graphics, social media, ads and so much more.

Upgrade 6 - Reseller - License to sell Prompt Engine Pro and keep 100% of the Profits.

9. Do you have a bundle deal?

Once you pick JusTap from this page, you will be presented with a fast-pass bundle deal that includes all the upgrades.

10. Is there a Monthly fee?

You are in luck. We are running a limited-time only founding member’s launch and during this period, if you get Prompt Engine Pro, you will be able to secure it for the lowest possible one-time only price.

11. Do you have a money-back Guarantee?

Yes! We do have a 30 days no questions asked money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can claim a full refund within this period.

12. I have never used Chat GPT or any AI tools before. Will this work for me?

You do not need any prior experience to use the app. It is 100% Newbie friendly.

13. I have specific questions. How can I get them answered?

Sure. Please write to us at support@promptenginepro.com

14. Do you have Tutorials?

Yes! We do have Tutorials and a fully searchable knowledge base that will hand hold you to creating your first campaign


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